Fort Lupton: Early trading post on the South Platte

This article first appeared in the Broomfield Enterprise.

Along the quiet banks of the South Platte in 1837 Colorado, a pelt trader named Lancaster Lupton and his Mexican crew built an adobe fort and began operating a trading post. Lancaster Lupton was an unlikely character for this scene. From a prominent New York family, he was not the sort of fellow you’d expect to put on a fringe coat and haggle over buffalo robes. Continue reading

A Taste of “Notorious Jefferson County”

My new book has just come out. This book, called “Notorious Jefferson County,” is quite different from my previous work, “Forgotten Heroes and Villains of Sand Creek.” Although it’s about murder, it’s somehow a lot less serious than the Sand Creek story, though of course, the victims might argue with that. Let’s just say it was much less emotionally draining than writing about Sand Creek.

You might call this book historical true crime. The stories are all murder cases that took place within Jefferson County, Colorado about a hundred years ago. Continue reading