Silverton, Colorado: Still a refreshing taste of the Old West

Notorious San JuansI recently returned from a book tour in the San Juans to promote my books “Notorious San Juans” and “Notorious Telluride.” One of my favorite stops on the trip was the alpine settlement of Silverton.

Once at the heart of Ute territory, the area was overrun by miners and those who supported them in 1874. Over half a dozen mining towns sprang up in the area, including Howardsville, Animas Forks, Gladstone, Poughkeepsie, and others; Silverton is the last living outpost. Continue reading

Tidbits from “Notorious San Juans”

notorious san juan coverMy new book “Notorious San Juans” is out this week so I’m posting a few juicy nibbles. It took a certain kind of person to come to the remote regions of the west and build a life. As shown by the tragic story of a man like Thomas Greatorex, good breeding and civic-mindedness was not always appreciated or rewarded. On the other hand, plenty of unruly fellows, like Ike Stockton or Kid Adams, found out the hard way that living beyond the boundaries of a regulated society was not always a free pass to raise hell. Justice in the San Juans was certainly uneven. Continue reading