Labor grievances and strikes marred Colorado’s coal mining industry

This article first appeared in the Broomfield Enterprise.

During the 19th and 20th centuries, the Colorado Front Range coal industry was booming. Between the Northern Coal Field (200 coal mines between Marshall and Frederick) and the Southern Coal Field (between Trinidad and Walsenberg), Colorado also saw its share of labor unrest. Continue reading


Deadly mine accidents in the Colorado Front Range

This article first appeared in the Broomfield Enterprise.

Any miner will tell you that working in a coal mine is a rough and treacherous job. During the 125 years or so that coal mining played a significant role in our local economy, the region saw its share of deadly mine disasters. Continue reading

Colorado’s northern coal field fueled local economy for 120 years

Article originally published in The Broomfield Enterprise (8/16/2009).

Looking out across the rolling plains of the front range region, you’d never guess what lies beneath: hundreds of now-empty caverns and passageways that once held millions of tons of coal. Continue reading