Blonger Gang brought down by honest D.A.

This article first appeared in The Broomfield Enterprise.

A century ago, Denver was a notorious haven for a well-organized machine of hucksters, thieves, and bunco artists. When summertime hit, thousands of tourists came to Colorado, looking for sunshine, recreation and fresh air. These folks were followed by dozens of crooks who wintered in Florida and migrated to Denver at the invitation of the local kingpin, Lou Blonger. Continue reading

Case Files of Leonard DeLue: Man Shot in Hugo, CO Train Robbery

On Saturday night, August 6, 1900, a Union Pacific train left Denver, headed east toward Kansas. A little after midnight, at a spot known as Lake,  15 mile east of Limon, described as “only a coal chute and a water tank” the train stopped to get water. There, two men reportedly boarded the train.

Very quickly, the men covered their faces with masks and pulled guns on the conductor and porter.  From there, they made their way through a sleeper car, rousing the dozing passengers and relieving them of whatever possessions they had. Continue reading