Murder on Table Mountain

This is a chapter from my book, NOTORIOUS JEFFERSON COUNTY (The History Press). This tale took place on Golden, Colorado’s famous landmark, Table Mountain.

In the late summer of 1910, a 59-year-old Denver woman named Maria Laguardia vanished. An 1890 immigrant from Italy, she married Michael Laguardia in 1875. The couple had no children.

Maria was known to carry hundreds of dollars stashed amongst the folds of her clothing, and her worried nephew and niece thought she might have been the target of a robbery. They contacted Mrs. Laguardia’s “god-daughter,” Angelina Garramone, who, along with two other women, was the last person seen with Maria. Angelina assured them that Maria Laguardia was alive and well and had simply gone off to meet her long-lost husband. Sixteen years earlier, Michael Laguardia had also disappeared after getting into some “trouble” involving a young girl.
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