Pix from 2012 Spiritual Healing Run/Walk

Here are some pix from the 2012 Sand Creek Massacre Spiritual Healing run/walk. Click here to read more about this annual event.

At Riverside Cemetery, Denver. Hoisting the American flag and white flag of truce has special meaning: when Chivington’s soldiers attacked the peaceful camp at Sand Creek, Cheyenne chief Black Kettle raised these two flags, but they were ignored by the attackers.

Sand Creek Massacre Spiritual Healing Run

Runners coming from Riverside Cemetery approach the spot at 15th and Arapaho where Silas Soule was assassinated nearly 150 years ago.

Byron Strom, great grand nephew of Silas Soule, stands next to the Silas Soule memorial at 15th and Arapaho, Denver.

Standing on the capitol steps, runners hold up the flag of the Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes

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Her first week on the job, and Marshal Beth Mayo is hit with a sex assault case. It’s a nasty shock for the bucolic mountain town of Sugarloaf and for Mayo, who is still recovering from her husband’s death. Her initial skepticism grows into disbelief over the victim’s zany story, and she dismisses the case as a false report. Unfortunately, the same woman is soon discovered in the ruins of a ghost town, most definitely murdered.

Mayo unravels the complex case through a parade of colorful suspects and misfit family members, all the while following a common thread from 150 years earlier — Colorado history‚Äôs most notorious event, the Sand Creek Massacre.

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