Frontier Broomfield crime spree — “electrical devices” send man on rampage

This article first appeared in the Broomfield Enterprise.

Although Broomfield has been a “place” since the 1880s, it didn’t incorporate as a town until 1961. In the 1950s, Broomfield citizens contributed enough money to hire two police officers to patrol the new Broomfield Heights neighborhood and outlying farm areas. Dispatch was handled through Longmont, and the officers drove a 1959 Ford with the not-very-reassuring nickname, the “Old Grey Ghost.” Continue reading

From killer to inventor — the strange saga of Martin Gabritsch

The other day I heard from a reader whose great uncle shared a cell with one of the bad guys from my book, “Notorious Telluride.” The reader, Sonya Hall, is researching her ancestor and had some fascinating facts to share about a fellow I previously thought was no more than a cold-blooded murderer who was mentally impaired.

The chapter in question, “For Love of Diamonds,” tells the story of Martin Gabritsch, an Austrian miner who could not resist a pretty bauble worn by Henry Baisch, a prominent and popular druggist in Telluride at the turn of the last century. Continue reading