Tidbits from “Notorious San Juans”

notorious san juan coverMy new book “Notorious San Juans” is out this week so I’m posting a few juicy nibbles. It took a certain kind of person to come to the remote regions of the west and build a life. As shown by the tragic story of a man like Thomas Greatorex, good breeding and civic-mindedness was not always appreciated or rewarded. On the other hand, plenty of unruly fellows, like Ike Stockton or Kid Adams, found out the hard way that living beyond the boundaries of a regulated society was not always a free pass to raise hell. Justice in the San Juans was certainly uneven. Continue reading

This Week in Colorado History: June 5

1867 – “Enrolling officer” Edward Berthoud made a call for volunteers to join the Colorado Minute Men “to prepare in time for the fast approaching Indian War which threatens our own immediate vicinity and cuts off our sources of supply and travel…” “To the victors belong the spoils,” Berthoud said. (Colorado Transcript, June 12, 1867)

1876 – Three hundred men were hard at work laying track on the Denver and Rio Grande railway, six  miles above Walsenburg.  As reported by the Pueblo Chieftain, “The construction train of the tracklayers now passes through town almost every hour, and now and then the whistle of the engine arouses the constitutional loafers about town almost as effectually as a dog fight or a foot race.”  (Colorado Chieftain, June 8, 1876). Continue reading