Leonard DeLue — Denver’s Turn-of-the-Century P.I.

During my research for Notorious Jefferson County, the name of Leonard DeLue kept popping up in all kinds of interesting circumstances. DeLue was a private detective in Denver at the turn of the last century and was often called upon by local authorities to help in their cases. He appeared in the “Murder of the Judge’s Son” case, a story of a partnership of con men gone bad. He also helped with the “Mystery of the Crescent Postmaster” case. Continue reading

Local granges eased isolation of life on the high plains

This article first appeared in the Broomfield Enterprise.

Back in the 19th century, the pioneers of Broomfield lived tough, isolated lives on individual farms and ranches. When they stepped outside, they saw rolling plains and sky instead of homes and shopping centers.  If anything could be considered a “town center,” it was the area around today’s 120th Avenue and Olde Wadsworth Avenue where the train depot was located. Continue reading