George and Sarah Church — Front Range Pioneers

This article first appeared in the Broomfield Enterprise.

Anyone who has driven along U.S. 36 between Denver and Boulder will recognize the name “Church Ranch Boulevard.” The road is named after the Church family, which was among the earliest and most prominent pioneers in the region.

Back in 1859, during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush, George Henry Church rode an ox train from Iowa to what was then the western edge of Kansas Territory. Continue reading

“Notorious Telluride” Tidbits

These are tidbits from my new book, Notorious Telluride.

Wanted Dead or Alive: Jesse Munn
The murder of Night Marshal Arthur Goeglein by Jesse Munn was one of the biggest stories in 1911 Telluride. Munn had grown up in the region and was well-known as a miner and prospector — but he had a bad temper and a tendency to carouse. When the young, popular Night Marshal Goeglein took Jesse’s gun away from him and threw him in a jail cell for a night, Jesse Munn found it unforgivable. A few months later, his simmering resentment exploded, and the result was Goeglein lying in the street of Telluride’s red light district, a fatal bullet hole in his back. Continue reading