Death in the Disappointment Valley

The Disappointment Valley lies southwest of Norwood. The events I am writing about for “Notorious Telluride” took place in 1904 and 1922. This complicated story of love, betrayal, homicide, and revenge took place among ranch folk in this isolated valley. Continue reading


In Search of Graves and Robbers in Telluride

I have come to southwest Colorado to do a bit of research on my next book, “Notorious Telluride.” I’ve already got most of my stories worked out so I’m really looking for pictures and to get a feel for the place.

I have not been to Telluride since sometime in the late 1970s when I came here for the Bluegrass Festival. Continue reading

Adventures in Historical Research

These are stories about the process of hunting down placenames and people referred to in my books. I’m a huge fan of the PBS series, “History Detective,” and that’s kind of how I feel here. I’m not trying to identify “things,” but mostly placenames. Many of the places referred to in the stories I’m writing for my “Notorious…” books (eg, Notorious Jefferson County and Notorious Telluride) no longer exist. Some of these places have been easy to find but others have taken a bit of detective work to hunt down. It’s really fun. I could do this all day long. I’ve become a history nerd.

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Adventures in Research: Where was the village of Midway?

During the past few months, I made a number of road trips through Jefferson County looking for specific places that appear in my book, “Notorious Jefferson County.” These are spots where notorious murders took place back during the turn of the last century. Continue reading

Watson Colman, Broomfield Pioneer, Fought Frontier, Fires, and a Bull

One of the dozen or so pioneer couples who first settled in the Broomfield area in the 1880s was Watson and Julia Colman. Though Watson Colman was a machinist back in his home state of Maine, he and Julia started a Broomfield dairy farm in 1885. Continue reading