History is made by characters

Welcome to my Colorado History blog. I will be writing posts about interesting characters from Colorado history. These folks aren’t necessarily the movers and shakers. They aren’t the “usual suspects,” like Molly Brown and Baby Doe Tabor. These are people from intriguing little corners, perhaps involved in little known but compelling tales that may have filled the newspapers of the day but don’t appear in Colorado history books.

If you have an interesting person you think I should write about, by all means tell me about it.

2 thoughts on “History is made by characters

  1. Hello
    I read your book about Sand Creek. I enjoyed it very much, it was much more gruesome than the history books or many people ever talked about. Thankk you. I have a question. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jim Kemp I am 64 years old, I lived on a grazing association just about four miles from the site. That would have been in the late sixties, I was just 13 years old when we lived there and 16 when we left. I walked all over that country with a 22 pistol and old rifle. At that time no one lived with in miles of the site, over the three years I walked through the killing ground I know four times just at dusk. At that time there were still some very incredible feelings, and sensations that you could feel in your soul. I swear twice as I was walking away from the site, and headed home just minutes before dark. You could hear people chanting, screaming. Perhaps it was just the over active mind of a very young boy.
    My question is what programs to you use to write if you use a computer? And do you know if you could use a Ipad to write novels or books on?? Sorry if I seem a bit ignorant about this. But I never had much education. But I believe that I may have a couple of books and some stories in me. But am looking for a place or device that is best to write with? Can you give me some information about this? If not I understand, if you can I thank you from the bottom of my heart. These stories are wanting out pretty bad.
    Thank you
    Jim Kemp

    • Hi Jim, That’s an interesting story. I’ve heard others say similar things about experiences at the Sand Creek site. That’s something worth writing about. I’ll send you an email about your writing question!

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